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You will be able to access your past 12 payslips online with your selected username and password.

Pertemps ePayslips will notify you each week as soon as your payslip is available. Please select your preferred notification method from the options below.

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If you would like to be notified via email, please enter your email address below and select your preferred option. Regardless of options 1 or 2 your past 12 payslips history will still be available online.

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Pertemps ePayslips will notify you each week via email as soon as your payslip is available with a link to access your payslip online.

Email Option 2: Email your payslip to you as a PDF attachement.

SECURITY WARNING: Your pay advice could be read by anyone who has access to your email.

Pertemps ePayslips also offers you the ability to have your Pay Advice emailed directly to your email address as PDF attachment. For most people this will mean an even quicker way of getting access to your Pertemps Pay Advice.

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